My Story

By day I'm a Project Producer and Experience Designer at IDEO; I conceptualize high-touch, innovative client events and engagements and facilitate their execution. My profession involves an extensive amount of event design and curation and art direction, which I've always loved. 

I stumbled into the wild world of wedding planning after designing my own destination wedding in less than 7 months for 225 guests. I've always loved event planning and design, but this was the moment when I fell in love with wedding planning and design. 

Having been a bride I understand how stressful the big day can be, laced with so many expectations, costs, complexities, and surprises. All of this often ends up overwhelming the happy couple and their families. So, this is where I come in. As a designer, I love a good challenge and I feel that there's nothing like making a couple’s dream a reality!

Event design, and specifically wedding planning, is the perfect marriage of all my passions: crafting and building community, and storytelling. I see my role as that of helping to translate the vision and personalities of two people into a tangible, immersive narrative in which family and friends gather to celebrate a couple's love, their histories, and their future, in one fabulous party.

I want to be your strategic partner and serve as a resource for you in every sense of the word because I love helping clients craft unique events with personal touches that represent and celebrate them. When it's show time, you’ll leave all the responsibilities in my very capable hands and enjoy your celebration. 


Dee A. Iacopelli


Photo Credit: Nicolas Zurcher