Dee was an excellent resource for me while my husband and I were planning our wedding. We had an exceptionally large wedding and Dee provided me with helpful tools and organizational tips that I greatly benefitted from. Not only does Dee have a knack for great detail and organization, but she is creative and really enjoys helping people with the details that make their wedding day unique. Dee even contributed to my overall look by making me a beautiful fascinator to wear the day of- she was in tune with my vision for the wedding and with my own personal look. Throughout our planning process I knew I could reach out to Dee for advice, direct guidance, and even to vent about the entire process. I would highly recommend Dee to any couple planning for their big day.
— Rosie & Brad. Aptos, CA. July 2013
From the moment we engaged her, Dee had invaluable tips, resources, and inspiration from past experience that helped us confidently make decisions and keep the planning process moving forward. When it came time for the big weekend, Dee and her team worked behind the scenes to ensure things went off without a hitch. From coordinating vendors and making everything was in the right place at the right time to helping family and friends feel welcome and keeping the bride and groom fed and calm :) Our DIY wedding would have never been possible without Dee’s attention to detail, seamless choreography, and masterful relationship building. For all the stuff you’ve thought about, and all the stuff you haven’t, Dee’s got your back.
— Heather & Stephen. Philo, CA. September 2013
Dee was my day-of wedding coordinator. My wedding had 3 different venues strung along by a party bus so there was a lot of planning and preparing that was required a head of time. Dee pulled it off flawlessly! I gave little direction on how to decorate the spaces used and when I arrived at each I was blown away at how lovely they were. All the wedding guests moved from venue to venue seamlessly which is a difficult task when dealing with around 100 people. She thought of things I didn’t and suggested ways to ensure the day went off without a hitch. At the end of the night me and my new husband as well as the guests were full of smiles and that’s all we could of hoped for.
— Ayesha & Adam. San Francisco, CA. October 2013
Dee Iacopelli is incredibly personable and also extremely organized and detail oriented. Planning a wedding has a lot of moving parts and decisions. Having someone with exquisite taste to discuss ideas with and help them come to fruition made the whole thing a pleasure rather than stressful. Many thanks to Dee for her creative and fresh take on making our wedding uniquely ours. She was full of suggestions and solutions to keep our event modern, efficient and worry free. We recommend her highly to any other couple looking to have an incredible wedding planning experience!
— Emily & Ben. Menlo Park, CA. October 2013
I had a small wedding with a short engagement and was grateful to have been able to speak with Dee. I had a clear idea of what I wanted my wedding to be be like, but I still managed to get caught up in the stress of planning. I was worried about the should haves, would haves, and could haves that pop up at the end of the day—all the little things you don’t think of and only someone who has experience working with brides and has also gone through being a bride herself can really know. Dee’s advice was helpful when making various decisions and it also eased my mind, reminding me to enjoy not only my wedding day, but also the planning process.
— Katie & James. Santa Barbara, CA. November 2014
Dee was so instrumental throughout my wedding planning process: From logistics to photo tips to talking me off the ledge to navigating vendors, Dee was there each step of the way helping me plan my dream wedding.
I’m not an organized person, and as soon as I started planning, I started feeling completely overwhelmed by ridiculous amount of information on the internet. Dee first calmed down the crazy then tackled planning with her super-human organizational skills. She strategized and prioritized action items, giving me a list of venues based on the non-negotiables I gave her. She added her expert notes to the feel/look/logistics of each venue I visited. We ended up finding the hip, unconventional, L.A. venue Millwick which fits us perfectly. If not for her, I would probably have gotten married in a perfectly ok place that just wasn’t Josh and I at all.
It went beyond the venue: We booked our photographer based on her expert eye; she weeded out a ton of photographers that had beautiful photos, but weren’t “us”. She found my dress, she helped with the floral vision, the bridesmaids vision, my hair, makeup and accessories.
In sum: what I loved about working with Dee:
She is calming and has a go-getter, no-nonsense attitude. She’ll soothe your pre-wedding overwhelm, then guide you through the planning process. It’s no surprise that she comes from a project management background.
I’m the type of person who knows WHAT I want but not how to achieve the look. Dee talked to me, looked at my vision and just GOT IT. She was able to put together the look I wanted but couldn’t articulate. She not only knows the quality vendors and wedding trends, she has an outstanding eye. She understood and achieved my vision.
She is a savant about anything wedding. She knows everything from traditions to what type of bouquet will go with your particular dress to what is way too much to pay and what not to skimp on (hellloooo, eyelash extensions).
Do not sit with tabs and tabs of wedding blogs open, panicking at the ridiculous amount of options... Dee will get you through planning in the smoothest way possible and you’ll end up with the wedding of your dreams. (Maybe even better.)
— Aylin & Joshua. Los Angeles, CA. July 2015
In a word, Dee is wonderful. When I need inspiration, guidance or an opinion, she is always there. She is a wonderful listener and sounding board for any ideas whether it’s what kind of shoe I should pair with my dress or what decor is (or more importantly, isn’t) staying in theme. You can count on timely and thoughtful responses to questions and sound advice on everything you can imagine. Need a venue? She can help with that. Want a theme? No problem. Not sure what colors you should go with? Yep, she’s got great ideas for that, too. What I love most is she always stays true to your vision for your big day. I could not imagine going through my own planning process with her. Whether you need a little help or a lot, Dee is the woman to make your wedding day rock!
— Gina & Brian. Monterey, CA. November 2015
Dee was the logistics leader for our Junior League of San Francisco Touch-a-Truck fundraising event and thank heaven we had her! This event was a huge undertaking that involved coordinating 15+ large vehicles, an array of children’s activities, food trucks, and 1300+ attendees in an outdoor space and Dee’s ability to plan out every detail with the highest level of precision is what made the event such a huge success. From permits, to timelines, to vendors and traffic planning, she managed every detail perfectly. Dee is a superstar event planner and manager and is someone I’d trust with any complex and large scale event.
— Erin DiFazio & Shaye Martin, Touch-a-Truck Chairs. San Francisco, CA. May 2016
Dee proved to be my much-needed sounding board and sanity checker throughout the planning process of our wedding. Not only did she have insight and know-how of the ins & outs of the overwhelming world of weddings, she also helped me maneuver through the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding planning :) From researching vendors, to balancing family expectations and realities, Dee’s end-to-end experience shined through. In addition to logistics and planning, Dee’s knack for design, color and decor helped bring my vision to life. She fielded all of my “what do you think about this...” and “what do you think about that?” questions like a pro, with thorough, thoughtful help, guidance and direction. I would recommend Dee to anyone as she is a well rounded, experienced planner of weddings (and other events), with a clear passion for making your magical day a reality!
— Sophia & Carl. San Francisco, CA. October 2016
We enlisted Dee’s help as our day-of coordinator, but it turned out to be much more than that. We checked in with her for tips and feedback in the months leading to our wedding, and she took over communication with our vendors the full month before the event. Her organizational skills and experience managing vendors was a great help. But where Dee truly shined for us was on our wedding day. She did a beautiful job choreographing the many staff, vendors, truck drivers and everyone else that makes an event come together.
We had a relatively small wedding (~90 people) but still, there’s an enormous amount of work that can only happen the day of the event, and we were lucky to have someone as capable as Dee. You know when you go to a wedding and wonder how everything can look so beautiful? How did they plan out all the little details? Well, the bride and groom didn’t plan it. We just explained our vision in broad strokes and Dee made all the details happen in a way that was totally authentic to our vision. Thanks Dee for the best day, ever. 
— Sara and Ted. Woodside, CA. September 2017